The announcement of the result from MCMOGATK

— this piece is simple and elegant (philip wood)

— a classic net-art out event (Franck Ancel)

— a simple memorial that would be impossible in any other media hauntingly beautiful. (Joddy Zellen)

— I like the idea of having the towers represented as browser windows, as both the World Trade Center and a Web browser are containers for information, in a way. I can only think of all of those millions of pieces of paper floating in the air.(Brooke A. Knight)

— my favorite. it’s punk. it works. (Antonio Mendoza)

— The piece is very good, but what kills it for me is the part stating “remember” Something more powerful could have been stated instead of the expected cliche… nevertheless, it is very good. I do like the simplicity. (Eduardo Navas)

— simple memorial to 9-11, again displaying the images of wtc, this time represented by pop-up windows. (Ali Miharbi)

— form and content are one (David Crawford)

— Incidentally this was the first one I saw way back in early October. Very creative usage of browser window as art element. Kind of like drawing attention to the canvas of a painting… (Kristen Palana)

— witty use of form(code) (Christian de Lutz)



The scores;

Andrey Velikanov 22

Eryk Salvaggio 20
jimpunk 19
Ali Miharbi 18


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