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Subject : http://www.arttreats.com/texticle
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Date : 2001/06/25


In this project, each artist will have his turn in adding to, or manipulatin g a previous typographic based art work. The concept of this work is to explore how each artist would build upon the image of another while using typographic content. All objective content of the artwork must be typographic based { any charector based content such as lettering, ASCII, or even scanned typographic based imagery is acceptable..}, any other additions made to the work must be non-objective design based content. The artwork must stay the same dimensions( 800 x 500). The work must remain as an JPEG, No flash. As the image is altered, the progress of the work will be displayed on-line; this will be a work in progress. I will notify each artist as it is his/her turn to transform the image. Each artist will have 10 days or so to complete his/her project.