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From : miguel leal
Date : 2001/11/01 Link : http://links.virose.pt

Dear jimpunk, ro27 and sim (Slampoetrypictures): I am very pleased to announce, in name of VIROSE and V_2 Organisation, that the Jury voted your project Slampoetrypictures as one of the 5 runner-ups for the LINKS PRIZE 01. More than 120 submissions from 100 different individuals, groups or organizations arrived to our server, they were then evaluated by a jury of 7 elements: Paulo Cunha e Silva (Porto 2001 curator), Jose Braganca de Miranda and Maria Teresa Cruz (Conference curators), Steven Shaviro (invited speaker), Miguel Leal and Fernando JosŽ Pereira (VIROSE), and Anne Nigten (V_2 Organisation). The Jury Selected 58 projects to the competition and decided the prize Winner and Runner-ups. The Jury also voted the project the Central City, by Stanza, as the winner of the Links Prize 01. The others runner-ups are No-content.org, by Brian Mackern, Them, by Dane, h|u|m|b|o|t, by Phlilip Pocock, and Selbst-Los/Self-Less, by Wolf Kahlen. Unfortunately, as you already knew, there are no prize moneys for this runner-ups. However, VIROSE would like to invite you to collaborate directly in its present an future activities. So, we hope to see this first contact as the beginning of an interesting cooperation between you and our organization. You have more info about the Prize and runner-ups at http://links.virose.pt Congratulations and best regards, miguel leal Miguel leal [VIROSE >> co.director] _______________________________ Miguel Leal xxxxx@virose.pt http://www.virose.pt (under absolute construction) Rua Teixeira de Vasconcelos, 29 - 1 Drt. | 4100-471 Porto . Portugal +351 96 6534399 _______________________________ ****** From the regulations: Juries final decision will announce the winner. The decision will be communicated to the winning participants on the 31st of October 2001. The US $2500 prize money will go to the best project in competition. Runner ups shall receive a written statement for their participation indicating the outstanding quality of their projects as well as an invitation for future developments within VIROSEās activities. *******