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Subject : EMAF 24-28 April
From : Alfred Rotert <xxxxxxxxxx@emaf.de>
Date : 2002/04/01

---------- De : Alfred Rotert xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@emaf.de Société : EMAF Répondre à : Alfred Rotert xxxxxxxxxx@emaf.de Date : Mon, 1 Apr 2002 19:02:31 +0200 à : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@jimpunk.com Objet : EMAF 24-28 April Hello , unfortunately we are late with the messages concerning the Internet applications for the EMAF. We are sorry for this. Your project "nowar.nogame.com" has been selected for the EMAF programme. An official message will be sent to you soon. For the catalogue preparation: please send us a text as soon as plossible, as well as fotomaterial in printable quality (jpeg, tif, gif). Best wishes Alfred Rotert European Media Art Festival, 24.-28. April 2002 Alfred Rotert Lohstr.45A D-49074 Osnabrueck T:+49/541/25779/216xx F:+49/541/283xx Email:xxxxxxxxxx@emaf.de http://www.emaf.de