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Subject : MACHINISTA 2003 - Call for Participation
From : Sergei Teterin <teterin@pisem.net>
Date : 2002/11/07 Link : http://www.machinista.ru/en



Category online curator - Alexei Andreyev (LEXA) [RU]
In this category we accept artistic works, in creation of which the human author used machinic intellect not as an instrument, but as a co-author.

Andrea Polli - "Atmospherics"
README: Atmospherics/Weather Works is a performance, installation, and distributed software project for the sonification of storms (cyclones, for example) and other meteorological events generated directly from data produced by a highly detailed and physically accurate simulation of the weather.

Marc Lafia - "Ambient Machine"
README: Ambient Machine is an open source work, that is both a series of distinct works and the possibility of infinitely varied works. The distinct films, like an alphabet, await computation and inflection: they can be juxtaposed as the viewer sees fit; and they can be manipulated ­ their size increased or decreased, their shape altered, they can be sped up or down. The user becomes the speaker, if you will, of this visual dialect. It can be considered a kind of kind visual music or visual painting open to be transmuted, overlayed and over written in the network space of open dialogue.

nathaniel stern - "[odys]elicit"
README: [odys]elicit is a large scale, interactive installation where every movement of the viewer, small or sweeping, births stuttering text onscreen. The viewer's motion elicits, character by character, passages from odys' text. The piece responds to small movements, writing the text onscreen slowly for the viewer to read, or to rapid passersby, whose full bodies birth hundreds of flying characters, impossible to decode.

antoine schmitt - "the nanomachine"
README: The nanomachine is an audio visual performance, in which I improvise building nanomachines in public, using a self-custom made software. A nanomachine is composed of an ensemble of objects, each with its own shape, sound and autonomous behavior, which influences the one of its neighbours, thus yielding a complex semi-autonomous rythmic machine delicate to control. In a real improvisation setting, my computer screen is videoprojected and my its audio is sent to the sound system, so that the whole building and exploration process is accessible to the public. The audio signature is one of an ambiguous rythmic sample loop mixing, the visual aspect is strong and abstract. The "object" essence of the machine, its autonomy, its broken causality, the fact that the public follows all my gestures, all these give the nanomachine performance its unicity, and make it a little bit more than a concert.

christophe bruno & jimpunk - "gogolchat"
README: Originally this piece (Gogolchat by Christophe Bruno) was conceived as a multi-user chat where a fictitious character, named Gogol, lives. This character has a mythical status, since his speech tends towards the sum of all speeches of mankind. Hence, contrary to the usual chatterbots, it cannot be considered as purely virtual. Gogol IS the web. After the completion of this work, the chat was "infiltrated" by jimpunk. Since then a quasi-permanent happening shifts the chat beyond the dimension of meaning and communication. Finally GogolChat became a collaborative piece mixing a purely textual work - the original Gogolchat - with scripts and visuals changed by Jimpunk live.

brody condon - "c0a0"
README: "c0a0" is a source code and art hack for the beginning cinematic cinematic level (c0a0.bsp) of Half-Life. A evolutionary bilge product of my constant tinkering with the Half-Life art and code, c0a0 serves as a formalist experiment using digital tools and appropriated material, or simply as a VJ tool.

Thor Magnusson - "ixi software" WINNER!
README: ixi software is a network of experimentalists in the field of computer music and computer music software. We produce various types of work in our studios but we are mainly concerned with producing small prototypes or applications where we concentrate on new modes of interactivity in music software.

Andrei Savitsky - "trashback"
README: This is a dream. A dream of a man who uses augmented reality systems everyday. He uses mobile facilities for getting virtual information about the real world. Information structures, frames of interface, statistic diagrams, data streams are overlaying the real world before his eyes. And his dreams have became a mixture of images from the real life and confused pieces of graphical interfaces.

Machine as the artist's co-author

In this category we accept artistic works, in creation of which the human author used machinic intellect not as an instrument, but as a co-author.
Machine (artificial intelligence) must literally - not symbolically - participate in the creation process. However you must understand that there is more to "AI co-authorship" than using the computer as an automated mechanism for copying, creating regular patterns, generating random numbers and other primitive operations which can hardly be regarded to as "creative" and "intellectual".
We would like to see quality, and not quantity demonstrations of machinic co-authorship.
There are no genre limitations, accepted are: video-art, vj demos, multimedia installations, net-art and web-art, music and sound, software art, graphical and 3D experiments etc.
Category online curator - Alexei Andreyev (LEXA) lexa@spb.cityline.ru
Curator's e-mail is only given for consultations, works are accepted through the web-form.
See examples of such works on CONTEXT page.