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Subject : http://mediahexa.org/
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Date : 2002/11/18 Link : http://mediahexa.org/phase/?phase_no=9

Media Space!

Like a tightly weaved web, media space are packed with various principles of expansive communication for osmosis, change, derivation and spread.
HEXA project define this space as Hexa.

This project is based on following questions and premises.
- Media space = hexa space?
- What is a stem cell in media art? = a neuron of online network?
- Trans-solution in media = The concept of functional mediums for derivation and spread.
- The nature of media art = trans - derivation - spread
- Media arts progress = cell to cell, branch by branch, solution to solution

Hexa absorbs various genres such as web art, video art, sound art, digital photo and any other type of hybrid arts.
We welcome your works of art whether they are your new projects or old ones. Your participation is the key to the success of Hexa Project.
The ideal goal of Hexa is to attract various artists from diverse areas.
In this two-way communication era, Hexa provides an idea space to freely exchange your novel ideas with other participants.
What you are doing today will help the project to move forward to the new media arts of the next generations.