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Subject : [bannerart.org] your submission is online
By : Brandon Barr & Garrett Lynch
Date : 2002/12/19 Link : http://bannerart.org/

The newest banner, "nowar.nogame.tv," was added at 20:26 on 19/12/02 by jimpunk.
Total number of banners in the collection: 114.

Thank you for your submission to bannerart.org, the details of which are below...


artists name : jimpunk
artists email : xxxxxxxxxxx@jimpunk.com
banner name/title : nowar.nogame.tv


Your banner is now online. If you need to contact us, simply reply to this email.

Brandon Barr & Garrett Lynch
Banner Art Collective

The Banner Art Collective (http://www.bannerart.org/) creates, collects, and distributes net.art and poetry within the limitations and context of web advertisements.


title : nowar.nogame.tv
statement : www.jimpunk.com/www/noise/
url : http://www.jimpunk.com
author : jimpunk
email : xxxxx@jimpunk.com
size : 550x550 pop up