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Subject : http://www.hz-journal.org/netg
From : Sachiko Hayashi
Date : 2003/03/03 Link : http://www.hz-journal.org/netg


fylkingen, artists' society in stockholm, will be updating its
internet-journal called hz and will be presenting international net art for
the first time and would like to present your work "everything is under
control, hypnotic feeling" in hz.

unfortunately, we have a very tight budget and won't be able offer you any
payment for this. however, if you are interested, please reply to this email
and your work will be presented in our internet-journal and your site will
be linked.

below is the description/information on our society, etc.

looking forward to hearing from you,

sachiko hayashi



Fylkingen is a society, consisting primarily of practicing artists, devoted
to the production and promotion of new music and intermedia art. Since its
foundation in 1933, initially as a chamber music society, Fylkingen has been
committed to experimental, new and unestablished forms of contemporary arts.
The very first concerts of electroacoustic music in Sweden were arranged by
Fylkingen in the early 1950's, and further radicalization occurred during
the 1960's with the happenings, musical theatres and text-sound compositions
prominent on the society's programme. In the '70s, Fylkingen organized the
first show of Nam June Paik at the Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm. Since
then Fylkingen has regularly presented intermedia art and is the only forum
in Sweden.

Today Fylkingen produces approximately fifty performances a year consisting
of composed and improvised instrumental and electroacoustic music, dance,
intermedia, text-sound compositions, video art, performance art and

Fylkingen has played and continues to play a vital role in interfacing
Sweden with the rest of the world in the area of new art forms. Not only has
it been a "window to the world" through which the Swedish audiences and
artists were able to keep in touch with the artistic movements abroad, but
also an important propagator of Swedish art outside Sweden.


video and net artist. Her net art "trapped" has been archived in Rhizome,
NY and has been shown at festivals in europe, israel, etc. Founder of
internet network DIAN (active through 2001). Her video works have been shown
in New York, Berlin, and were presented in 8 different cities in Sweden as a
national tour organized by the National Institute of Concerts. Her computer
prints have been shown in New York, Rome and Saitama Museum of Modern Art,





"everything is under control, hypnotic feeling"

jimpunk has participated in various international new media festivals, including Whitney Artport: IDEA LINE 2001, European Media Art Festival 2002, break21_6th International Festival of Young Emerging Artists, FILE-2002 electronic language international festival, FLUXUS -international festival on the internet, Impakt Festival 2002, etc. His works can been seen at www.jimpunk.com.