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Subject : RHIZOME_RARE [] low-fi update 07
From : giraffe@easynet.co.uk To : Rare_Info@rhizome.org
Date : 2002/03/19

[] low-fi update 07 [] http://www.low-fi.org.uk [] guestlist: Simon Biggs on language, legibility and limits of meaning. [] low-fi list: mapping systems from literal to emotive. [] http://www.jimpunk.com/map [Jim Punk] [] http://turbulence.org/works/nums/ [Levin/Wattenberg/Feinberg] [] http://www.howdoyoufeel.de [Dellbrugge/de Moll] [] http://www.flight404.com [Robert Hodgin] Untitled_map shows some net art activity literally mapped onto the globe. The site shows the limitation of our western based activity. The mapping is not as analytical as hybrid media lounges research into netbased activity and organisations in europe [www.medialounge.net]. However the mix of mapping by production place and project content brings up some territiorial surprises. The secret Life of Numbers also takes data at face value, mapping the incidence and occurences of integers across the web. Driven with a beautiful java interface each integer is graphed, building a graphically statistical analysis, complete with notes and comments that build a portrait of how we utilise numbers for convenience, novelty and functionality. howdoyoufeel creates a statistic that shows the mood of the web on any given day or year. With happy and sad icons the user is encouraged to register their mood in an absurdly simplistic system (only happy or sad), which is built with equally simplistic visuals. Like the other two projects the data is real - and in this case live, but the beauty of this project is the way in which the data generated is so clearly and resolutely of no use to anyone. Flight 404 is a unique Flash experience based on the fictional investigation of the disapearance of a commercial airliner above the Atlantic; and a manifest to its passengers. As one navigates throught, the ambiguity grows if the event has happened, leaving the viewer with a inconfortable sense of realism and'deja vu'. The investigation is regularily updated and the viewers are invited to give evidences. [] Artists are welcome to submit info on new projects to the database - please use the submission form on low-fi locator. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X XXXXX XX XXX XXXXX X X X XXXX XX X XXX XXXXX XXX X X XXXX XX X XXX X X X X X XXXX XX X X X XXXXX XXX X X XX XXX X XXXXXX XXX X XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX + http://www.rgbproject.com -> Rhizome.org -> post: list@rhizome.org -> questions: info@rhizome.org -> subscribe/unsubscribe: http://rhizome.org/subscribe.rhiz -> give: http://rhizome.org/support + Subscribers to Rhizome are subject to the terms set out in the Membership Agreement available online at http://rhizome.org/info/29.php3 ______________________________________________________________________