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Subject : http://www.kopenhagen.dk - 19. marts 2003: Wartime
From : http://www.kopenhagen.dk/
Date : 2003/03/18 Link : http://www.kopenhagen.dk/international/indeximageint/wartime.html http://www.kopenhagen.dk/indeximage/wartime_0303.htm

The count down to war with Iraq has been started, diplomacy has been stopped, and now we await the first grey-green television images of bombs over Baghdad. How are artists reacting to this situation and what are net-artists doing? Wartime is a collection of works providing hundreds of suggestions for how artists can react to the threat of war. There’s everything from direct political commentary and subtle sarcasm to psychedelic image bombardment. Wartime is partly an online collection of war related internet art, and partly a series of live presentations of work in various sites all over the world. The project was started in January 2002, and seeing as how the subject has never been more relevant, it will continue on for a while longer. Viewers can navigate through the exhibition via a graphic 2D interface and a spectacular 3D interface, or by using the more simple link to the complete project list: here. The organisation behind this project is the international artist group OFFLINE, and the British group open_digi.

The complete collection can be seen via Wartime’s homepage: http://offline.area3.net/wartime/
Contact address: atty@no-such.com

Here is a list of direct links to projects presented in the exhibition:
Jimpunk (F): Noise
Entropy8Zuper! (B): Aliens
Jody Zellen (US): Crowds and Power
Andy Deck (US): Hypnotechno
Miguel Mendoza (MX): H
Antonio Dominguez (MX): W4R

Viewers will have to use Flash 6 and Shockwave 8.5 to view many of the exhibited pieces.

Jimpunk: Noise

Left: Entropy8Zuper!: Aliens. Right: Jody Zellen: Crowds and Power

Left: Miguel Mendoza: H. Right: Andy Deck: Hypnotechno

Left: Katie Bush: DESTROYEVIL. Right: Antonio Dominguez: W4R.

OFFLINE: http://offline.area3.net
open_digi: http://club.net-art.ws/
Andy Deck: http://artcontext.org
Entropy8Zuper!: http://entropy8zuper.org
Jimpunk: http://www.jimpunk.com
Jimpunk: Nowar.nogame: http://www.jimpunk.com/www.nowar.nogame.org/
Jimpunk: WTC: http://www.jimpunk.com/NYC/wtc/
Antonio Dominguez: http://www.nuzita.org
Tinkin.com: http://www.tinkin.com

translated by Vaquero Dave Duchin


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