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Subject : www.netartreview.net/who'safraid... - eduardo navas
From :eduardo navas
Date : 2004/01/27
Link : http://www.netartreview.net/logs/2004_01_25_backlog.html#107523081421954233

:: Tuesday, January 27, 2004 ::

Recently Jimpunk put out his latest RGB projects, in reaction to the official Who's is Afraid of Blue, Red, and Green? competition. Here they are:


When Jimpunk posted his material on Rhizome, other list-members responded with their own versions of RGB:

Mark River: http://tinjail.com/brg.html
Eryk Salvaggio: http://www.salsabomb.com/RGB/
Linkoln.net: http://linkoln.net/whos-afraid-of-rgb.jpg
Roberto Echen: http://www.rechen.com/rgb/
ctgr.net: http://ctgr.free.fr/blue/

What the selections above show is that the premise upon which Who's Afraid was developed -- following Barnett Newman's zip paintings -- is not very interesting when extended on to the web. Especially because Newman was trying to make the most of painting as a medium on its own. The competition is asking net artists to mimic a medium in a literal way. The accepted work will be considered directly in relation to a well established aesthetic that can, at best, become reevaluated as amusing on the screen. The projects above show that all that needed to be asked is to make works inspired by RGB, period. But then, Newman makes the proposal sound so much more important.

:: Eduardo Navas [+] ::