"Deep Sites - Intelligent Innovation in Contemporary Webdesign"
by Max Bruinsma , Thames and Hudson 2003
Video director and writer from Liège in Belgium, Tamara Laï converted to digital media as early as 1993. Her latest work is a new medium in its own right, a 'Javascript movie' made in collaboration with French digital artist Jimpunk. The short piece seems to take over the computer for about two minutes, causing a barrage of windows to pop-up, slide down, tremble and sway over the screen, accompanied by eerie noises, intense sighs and electronic sounds. Staring eyes, frames opening and drifting away, a crouching body, faces, an empty frame and a few snippets of text ('words which, effective like me ablaze fire of colors and soft or rough adjusted, functions outside my veins'); obviously, this online artwork is not meant to be read like a manual. It symbolizes the diluvial characteristics of the information society and the ensuing desolation of a human being trying to communicate via glass, metal and electrons - blurred reflections and unconnected data are his part. Although fascinating in the relentless way the piece usurps the viewer's screen, it leaves you slightly disconsolate, musing over the demise of communication through sensory overload, or, to quote the enigmatic text that closes the piece, 'cries and theories'.>>>