A Dual-Media Hybrid

A Dual-Media Hybrid

56kTV – bastard channel – the international online art project curated by xcult.org at the invitation of the Arts Council of Switzerland Pro Helvetia

Jimpunk’s furious choreography of sound and image, too, uses the floss of computer culture, setting Google dialogues, spam headers, pop-ups and typograph-ically constructed figures to a soundtrack of computer noises: error alerts, the digitally simulated click of a camera lens, beats, Indian drums. Underscored by stills from websites and snippets of film music, the wandering, emerging and fading windows take on a filmic character. They are pre-programmed, rehearsed as it were, but the almost simultaneous download of data onto the screen makes them seem like a live performance.

Text: Annina Zimmermann

originaly from mapping-new-territories.ch/exhibition/56_k_tv

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