AcidMissile. A scatter-zapped action movie

Part of a TV station’s repertoire are action movies, and part of a TV consumer’s behaviour is the zapping action. Parisian artist jimpunk’s action movie AcidMissile presents an aesthetics of picture-musicality, a dynamic montage of sound and image, which samples itself through news and entertainment programs’ clichés. From the Comic-Ego to the AsciiCode Warrior to Saddam’s sabre monument, from the googled Western actor to the freely gliding monitor astronaut – the fictitious TV night’s character selection flickers across the computer screen for four minutes. AcidMissile is a graphic punk animation which applies html and javascript techniques in order to produce cinematic effects, a choreographically through-composed zap automation which tells of terror and sends sensible operating systems into turbulences.
Plugin: flash / sound: music / interactivity: – / nerves: oo /

by Reinhard Storz

from 56k-bastard.tv/info

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