This part of the Project was based on an simple listing script named MOL 1.2.3. It was an open link, image and flash plattform for audio visiual slow motion communication. As the last active users have been only the spam robots, this site has to be closed somehow. For this reason the script has been updated to the “last” version of MOL 1.2.3. To find out what you can still do on this site please have a look here [?]
The Slampoetrypictures Project has been founded in 2001 by jimpunk, ro27 and sim. After a quite active time for about 3 years, the project stopped. jimpunk, ro27 and sim never met in real life.
SPP is/was a project with the objective to explore new ways of a conversation in terms of audio-visual expressions which are created at \”subjective runtime\”. \”An image can express more than thousand words\” and SPP is an experimental attempt to talk not only in images but in audiovisual expressions. In fact this is only a first sketchy description of a whole new quality in communication that will sooner or later emerge from the overwhelming development of the interactive audiovisual creativity on the web.


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