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“I’ve never looked at so much work and understood so little.” – JDS

Jim Punk is not an artist; he is art. Jim Punk is not a person; he is a persona. You will never see Jim Punk out getting coffee, not because “he” doesn’t like it, but because Jim Punk does not exist in the physical world. For the sake of clarification, we will refer to Jim Punk’s creator as “Future Artist X” (Schleiner, 2003). “This artist keeps his/her identity guarded from the public, concealing gender markers, age and physical location. He/she/it spends 99.9% of its every waking hour sitting in front of a high-grade lap top…”

Unlike many net artists, there are no interviews, biographical information, or physical spaces exhibiting the work of this Future Artist X. The majority of information can be found by interacting with work on a variety of homepages: jimpunk.com, jimpunk.net, jimpunk.com/.net, jimpunk.tumblr.com, jimpunk.blogspot.com, twitter.com/jimpunk. He/she is also associated with sites such as triptych.tv and screenfull.net, examples of two collaborative projects with other net artists.

As collaborative net art does not require face to face interaction, or even exchange of personal information, Future Artist X has been able to remain an enigma. While he/she may sign these works as Jim Punk, it is only one of many methods used to build the character. Additionally, Future Artist X is known to tweet, respond to email, and blogs in his/her own variation of the English language. \ | / h:http://kerrylovesdigitalart.blogspot.com/2011/02/9u.html
Kerry Doran
by Jesse Stein

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