DVblog Panorama off

T®1p±Ⓨ(|┐╱▒◤△▽///╱ ╱ 2010 movie at DVblog showreel #2

the show will run in a loop for approx. 6-7 weeks. from March 10th at a venue called “Station in Time” – Carriage for New Media Art – Tel Aviv, Israel

“Over the last six years DVblog has been posting, on a daily basis, curated QuickTime videos exemplifying the recent striking explosion of art video on the net.

Our policy has been flexible and eclectic enough to accommodate also the occasional advert, music video, documentary and gallery resident curiosity or wonder but our core project has been the net.

This selection attempts to offer a panorama of material we have been struck and engaged by in those years.

It’s partisan in that to some extent it’s a personal favourites list within that brief – to do justice to every angle would take days not hours.
Techniques and concerns vary widely from the in-your-face appropriations of JimPunk , the joyful performative madness of Rupert Howe’s Rendering of Anarchy in the UK in, amongst other places, the London Underground, to the documentary poetic dreamscapes of Robert Croma and Millie Niss.

Also included is the beautiful Super 8 English pastoral of Giles Perkins and the second life dance/ dreamwork of veteran Alan Sondheim, datamoshing from young US artist Eddie Whelan and much more.

When we say personal favourites we guess what we also mean is that for us it’s not only the exemplification of trends that matter here but also excellence in the conception and execution of each piece. We think each work stands out, before consideration of any illustrative value, for this excellence.

The collection as a whole is dedicated to the memory of Millie Niss, whose work we posted many times and who died, tragically young, in late 2009.”

Michael Szpakowski and Doron Golan

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