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Subject : TAos talking pixels
From : Sarah Borruso
Date : 2001/04/05-08 Link : http://www.laplaza.org/ttpixels/

Taos Talking Pixels, now in its fifth year, continues to showcase new media that matters. As in years past, the most innovative digitally generated art will fill the Pixels Room. Included in the 2001 Pixels program are works by internationally renowned artists, curated by John Alderman, Kyle Silfer, Sarah Borruso, and David Stout. Witness some of the finest, most exciting uses of new technologies by visionary artists.
Cyril Scott
Helico with flying question
Op art is alive and well on the Web in the form of Cyril Scott's playful and experimental online projects. This Paris-based multimedia artist turns pixels upside down and sends them bouncing off the corners of your browser in this frenetic piece. Two other featured works reveal a cetain digital, Warholian charm: animated colors and patterns become the hypnotic, interior world of the eponymous starlet in Star(2000) and three browser windows become an endless, cyclical cartoon sea of aquamarine blu ein Surf(2000).