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Subject : Interview Yourself
To : interview@%%%%%%.org
Date : 2001/05/07

Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 11:52:45 +0200
From: cyril 
Subject: Hot new interview with myself!

<meta name="description" content="paranoiac system in myself
interview recorded in stereo">
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<meta name="date-creation-yyyymmdd" content="20010507">
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right  :  hello cyril

left   :  liryc olleh

right  :  , so what is your first question ?

left   :  ? noitseuq tsrif ruoy si tahw os ,

right  :  may be _ why did you do this strange interview ?

left   :  ? weivretni egnarts siht od uoy did yhw _ eb yam

right  :  or a question about art ?

left   :  ? tra tuoba noitseuq a ro

right  :  'answers' ??? feel very strange

left   :  egnarts yrev leef ??? 'srewsna'

right  :  you repeat everything and everything is going wrong

left   :  gnorw gniog si gnihtyreve dna gnihtyreve taeper uoy

right  :  it's just the mirror of 'myself'

left   :  'flesym' fo rorrim eht tsuj s'ti

right  :  i feel like a stereo

left   :  oerets a ekil leef i

right  :  very very funny

left   :  ynnuf yrev yrev

right  :  it's impossible ! I can't make this interview

left   :  weivretni siht ekam t'nac I ! elbissopmi s'ti

right  :  so bye , see yu : "MYSELF"!!!

left   :  !!!"FLESYM" : uy ees , eyb os