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Subject : The virtual mine
To :
Date : 2001/05/15

Dear , we want to thank you for taking part in the project "Gegenort - The Virtual Mine". As you propably know the deadline for installation-proposals for the containers in Gegenort is coming up. The 15th of may ! Some of you have only entered there names, but the concepts and images are still missing. We want to remind you to include them in your online submissions. In case you encounter any problems please send them by e-mail. For everyone else: If you want to include more images, or links (to your audio files, video files, or your webpages) in your submission you can still do so until the 15th of may. After this date your pages will be locked. Still the virtual mine stays open to everybody who wants to present their ideas. All the concepts submitted after the deadline and all concepts that are not chosen for the installation in the containers will still be included in the exhibition in the main hall in four differnet ways. 1. As text to speech sound - installations. 2. As prints on the wall. 3. Images-, video- sound-sequences can be shown via videoprojectors. 4. The webpages of the participants will be presented online in several computers in the main hall. Details will be discussed with you after the selections have been made. After we have decided which concepts have been chosen for the installations, all pages will be unlocked again except for the ten submissions that will be realized. You can keep on using The Virtual Mine as a forum to present your ideas. The Virtual Mine will continue indefinitely as a portal for artists and the ideas they want to publish. It will stay absolutely free of charge and you are the masters of your pages in the mine-site. The webspace for the users will be increased in future. You will have about 5 MB for each web-presentation. One part of the mine will be established as a community. We also intend to establish the real space exhibition as a regular event in changing locations. On of our concerns is to promote the open dialogue between artist. We hope that you will use The Virtual Mine as a forum to present and discuss your work. You can use the Newsforum for messages, contacts and other forms of communication. If you have any questions, please contact us any time, with best regards, the virtual miners. http://www.the-virtual-mine.net/