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Subject : http://www.liberarti.org/
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Date : 2002/10/11-13
Link : http://www.liberarti.org/

liberarti is an open exhibition of non-monetary artworks to be held in Liverpool from October 10th - December 1st 2002.

The project is an official participant in the Liverpool Biennial.

All events are free of charge and can be experienced by any interested individuals. All members of the public can register.

"liberarti discards the curatorial process in favour of a self-elected, somewhat anti-authoritarian approach.

This juxtaposition produces an unusually cohesive agenda for the Big Fight: - Art vs. Anti-art...." The Vacuum @ editorial antics, SW - September Issue 2002

liberarti follows on from the success of FREEMANIFESTA and other Free Festival events.

liberarti is an extension of NY Artist Sal Randolph's original idea: "It is intended as an experiment in creating a social network of artists, a gift economy that can act as an alternative to traditional forms of exhibition in commercial and institutional contexts".

Continued by Karen Eliot as an experiment in social and cultural innovation: liberarti seeks to challenge the role of both audience and protagonist.