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Subject : FLUXUS - INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ON THE INTERNET announces its competition program and opens on october, 23.
From : fluxus :: festival de cinema na internet <info@fluxusonline.com>
Date : 2002/10/23
Link : www.fluxusonline.com

Fluxus- International Film Festival on The Internet :: Competition Opens on October 23.
The Internet audience can watch more than 54 films on this pioneer event and choose the best film of the Festival.


FLUXUS - INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ON THE INTERNET will present its third edition beginning October 23, totally on line, with an independent and creative program, including more than 54 works from 14 countries: 15 fictions, 16 animations, 8 docummentaries, 15 net-art works. In addition to its competition program, the Festival will also present, a special Retrospective of the Brazilian videoartist, Sandra Kogut, with seven of her works.

This third edition of FLUXUS - INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ON THE INTERNET received 351 entries with different styles, genders, formats, from all over the world. Fifty-four of them were selected for competition. Fluxus is aimed at the discussion on media mixing (cinema, video, internet), supports, languages and genders. In this selection with such complex, independent and creative works, we realized that the idea of cinema is far beyond the limits of the dark room, even for filmmakers.

On FLUXUS, the general public (Internet users) will watch the videos, choose the best one and vote on line for the best work exhibited during the Festival so as to grant the Public Award

FLUXUS presents this amazing diversity of 14 countries (Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Nederlands, Spain, USA, UK) in 4 main CATEGORIES:

1)ANƒMIC (animations)
2)E-CINEMA ( fiction, experimental and video-art) >>
3).DOC ( documentaries) >>
4) INTERACTIVA ( web works, net-art) >> Interactiva is a new competitive category of FLUXUS.
It was created in this edition of the Festival to show net-art and interative works.
It contains 15 works exploring new aesthetic codes and different meanings related to moving images.

Works selected:
- aisforapple.net by David Clark, Canada, 2002.
- Bad Mind Time by Joey Bargsten, USA, 2002
- Banja by TeamcHmAn, France, 2002.
- EgoLegoLogo by Aggeo Sim›es e Marcus Nascimento, Brazil, 2001.
- Ghost City by Jody Zellen, USA, 2002.
- Inflat-o-scape by Jessica Irish, USA, 2001.
- Inner city by Stanza, UK, 2002.
- Ins™nia by Fernando Rabelo, Brazil, 2002.
- Light from the Machine by Jess Loseby, UK, 2002.
- nowar.nogame by Jimpunk, France, 2002.
- re-move by Lia, Austria, 2002.
- Rumor by Fred Paulino, Brasil, 2001.
- Shaman's Space, The Initiation by Joseph Lefvre, Canada, 2001.
- Superhighway of Light by eMovie, France, 2001.
- Your Projection by Agns de Cayeux, France, 2002.


A trophy will be given to the 5 best films (1 selected and voted by audience«s choice, 4 selected by jury«s choice).
The Super IG ( www.superig.com.br) will give the SUPER IG PUBLIC AWARDS FOR THE BEST FILM, a prize that consists of 3,000 reais (Brazilian currency).
The Jury
Fluxus will have two juries: The Fluxus Online Jury - ( Professional Jury) - A group of professionals from all areas related to film, video, animation and new media, will be invited by Zeta Filmes to grant the Best Movie Award in each category. They will watch the movies exclusively on the Internet.
The Fluxus Popular Jury Š The general public will vote on the Internet for the best work exhibited during the Festival to grant the Public Award.

FLUXUS Š INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ON THE INTERNET is competitive, yearly, interactive and totally on-line, using internet as media dissemination and audiovisual media exhibition.
The event is organized by ZETA FILMES (www.zetafilmes.com.br ) and SUPER IG (www.superig.com.br ).
Support of: INSTITUTO PENSARTE(www.pensarte.com.br).
International Coordination: Francesca Azzi (franazzi@zetafilmes.com.br ) and Eduardo Cerqueira (educerq@zetafilmes.com.br ).
E-mail: info@fluxusonline.com
Phone and Fax: 55 31 3296.8042 / 55 31 3293.1582
Website: www.fluxusonline.com