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Subject : runme.org software art repository
From : robot@runme.org
Date : 2003/01/18 Link : http://runme.org

Dear jimpunk,
I am happy to inform you that your project gogolchat has been accepted for Runme.org.
Please, find it at http://runme.org/project/+gogolchat/
Thank you for submitting your project!
Best regards,
runme.org robot



Software Art Repository

is now open for upload / download




Runme.org is a software art repository. It is an open, moderated database to which people
are welcome to submit projects they consider to be interesting examples of software art.

Software art is an intersection of two almost non-overlapping realms: software and art. It has a
different meaning and aura in each. Software art gets its lifeblood and its techniques from living
software culture and represents approaches and strategies similar to those used in the art world.

Software culture lives on the Internet and is often presented through special sites called
software repositories. Art is traditionally presented in festivals and exhibitions.

The aim of Runme.org is to create an exchange interface for artists and programmers which will
work towards a contextualization of this new form of cultural activity. Runme.org welcomes
projects regardless of the date and context of their creation. The repository is happy to host
different kinds of projects - ranging from found, anonymous software art to famous projects by
established artists and programmers.

Runme.org and Read_me:

In winter/spring 2003 Runme.org will serve as the submission form and database for the second
edition of the Read_me festival. Read_me 2.3 (http://m-cult.org/read_me) will be held
in May 30-31, 2003 in Helsinki, presenting best software art projects submitted to Runme.org
up until the festival deadline, 1 of March.
However, after this date Runme.org will continue to function as a software art repository.


Runme.org is supported by NIFCA, The Nordic Institute for Contemporary
Arts, Lume, and m-cult.