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Subject : ** Featured Artists **
From : info@le-musee-divisioniste.org
Date : 2003/01/28 Link : http://www.le-musee-divisioniste.org

Press Release

"Le Musee di-visioniste"
is happy to launch
its latest online showcase
within the 'Featured artists' series,

net-based art works

The exhibition is open from
30 January 2003 and will run until May/June 2003,
but will be available online for permanent afterwards

"Edition 06 of Featured Artists series, entitled
"MasterPlan" is featuring following artists:

1. Daniel Young, USA
2. Patrick Simons/Kate Southworth, UK
3. jimpunk, France
4. Dan Norton, Scotland
5. Nicolas Clauss, France


represents an exhibition reporting about five most individual artists'
personalities each one following a strong individual conception:
a "MasterPlan" determining the course of events.

Daniel Young,
collects in his generative project "NewZoid"
continously daily news,
chops them up and endlessly reassembles the pieces into absurd,
funny, shocking and thought-provoking headlines,
resulting a kind of "infotherapy".

The artists Patrick Simons and Kate Southworth
investigate in their collaborative project
"Glorious Ninth"
the material world and communicate their findings
using many different approaches to 'knowing'.

jimpunk explores in his >www.nowar.nogame.or-project<
controlling and the hypnotic feeling
of being contolled and helpless.

Dan Norton opens in his generative project
"ablab" interactive fields and
lets the users search for the limits
of 2D-interactivity.

Nicolas Claus collects in his "Flying Puppet" project
examples of human entaglements.
The selection of the four
works <The Cry, The Sleepers,
Trauma and Before the night>
shows the artist/user as the "Creator" holding
the human individual (like a puppet on string)
who remains unable to escape from the "MasterPlan".

The exhibition "MasterPlan"
is curated and created by Agricola de Cologne.


Le Musee di-visioniste www.le-musee-divisioniste.org
is an online museum based on a philosophical idea,
currently partially under reconstruction,
and corporative member of
the experimental platform for art in Internet.

Agricola de Cologne, multi-disciplinary media artist from Germany
is the creator, founder, editor, producer of NewMediaArtProjectNetwork
and its seven corporate sites.


PRESS NewMediaArtProjectNetwork
contact: press@nmartproject.net

Minimum technical requirements:
1024x768 VGA resolution, soundCard
Pentium III 800 Mhz or comparable MAC
Flash 6, MS Internet Explorer 5.0+ or
Netscape 6.0+
minimum 56K or 64K ISDN modem,
recommended DSL highspeed modem





The preview of
Edition 06 of Featured Artists series
on Le Musee di-visioniste
entitled "MasterPlan",
is online.

I hesitated to post it, as the site of one of the artist was not availabe
for display for the past days, maybe a server problem?

Please check if there are any mistakes
in your contribution.

I will publish the feature tomorrow officially and will post/send the press

Any error you may find can be corrected at an time.

Thanks again for participating and your patience, above all.

All the best from

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne