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Date : 2002/07/27

INFOMERA.NET EPHEMERAL MATCH July 25 - September 13, 2002 cyberlounge museo tamayo arte contemporaneo mexico df www.museotamayo.org/infomera http://www.museotamayo.org/infomera ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------ In the Cyberlounge of the Museo Tamayo. Arte Contemporáneo, the work of 14 digital artists will be presented in the exhibition Infomera.net, ephemeral matches; a hand to hand combat between mediatic artists who will use the website infomera.net as a combat arena. This project forms the second chapter of foro net, a space dedicated to net art, a program of the Museum‚s Cyberlounge space. This project, organized by Arcángel Constantini, consists of (7) weekly encounters, (7) online combats, (7),
matches between the most hardened net-artists, WWW world champions . (7) combats to K.O.
from July 25 to september 13, with a unique and unrepetable character, two artists champions of the triple W 48hrs of massive manipulation combat they will create> transform > destroy information at www.infomera.net http://www.infomera.net/ , in a hand to hand mediatic combat with no rules no archive in real time. full color :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: www.museotamayo.org/infomera http://www.museotamayo.org/infomera :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: champions of the W W W ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- r o u n d 1 superbad.com vs. redsmoke.com 30-31 July r o u n d 2 area3.net vs. subculture.com 6-7 august r o u n d 3 enconstruccion.org vs. no-content.net 13-14 august r o u n d 4 one38.org vs. kalx.com 21-22 august r o u n d 5 oculart.com vs. dream7.com 26-27 august r o u n d 6 jimpunk.com vs. d2b.org 3-4 sept r o u n d 7 muserna.org vs. unosunosyunosceros.com 10-11 sept referi > laagencia.org ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ online at www.infomera.net http://www.infomera.net/ open access FTP http://www.infomera.net/ open access FTP < UN : infra01 PW : b0207 infomera.net is a concept that comes from joining the words informacion and efimera.
When making public the user name and the password accessable to the server of the website,
any control on the content of it is lost, transforming the experience of the user within the context of the ephemeral. www.infomera.net http://www.infomera.net/ open access FTP < UN: infra01 PW b0207 This space on the internet will never look the same and its content will stay incognito while the encounters happen. The initial idea comes from: Physical space is governed by laws that have influence on matter, one the most powerful,
and which characterizes the ephemeral, is the third law of thermodynamics, the "entropyš
that speaks to us of the heat passing between bodies and conceptually it makes reference
to the linearity of time and the transformation of the matter.
Digital information are not subject to these external laws of physics and are not affected by the entropy.
A byte of information is and will exist through time without undergoing modifications or alterations.
When the digital information is copied, this copy is exactly the same as the original one.
During the encounters there are no rules > there is no control of the information > there is no data base.
The project looks for a linear experience within the context of non-linear time in cyberspace <
the access to the server will be openen. This way, the public will not only be able to follow
what happens in the matches, but they will be able to participate in the transformation of the website.
Whoever has a computer, as well as the minimum knowledge of the publication of information on the web,
will be able to take part in the site, making his or her contribution to the content of infomera.net. http://www.infomera.net/ and at the Cyberlounge of the Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo, México, DF. From July 25 to September 13, 2002. The individual projects of each one of the artists will be exhibited in the computers of the Cyberlounge
at the Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo that will show the combats. With the objective to obtain a document or visual memory of the actions and reactions of the artists in the matches, Arcángel Constantini will make a piece for the internet: he will periodically realize screen shots of diverse moments of each encounter. In order to construct a visual memory, approximately hundred images for each encounter will be taken.
Each one will be fragmented in 30 or more parts that will later be integrated in a HTML document.
When the user enters the memory of the project on the web, he will find a chaotic space where the fragments
of each image will be downloaded. The moment in which the last fragment is downloaded and the image is completed,
the download of new fragments will start randomly and indefinetly. In addition to this project, the activities around infomera.net include: a collective navigation with children,
programmed July 27, in which they will explore the projects of the participant artists and will realize an activity
in which they will publish images in the site elaborated by themselves, and the conference „
Net art as public artš on September 13, 2002. be ready for the match ------------------------- be ready for the ephemeral action --------------------------------------------- be ready for the information ---------------------------------------- be ready for the cahmpions of the www ----------------------------------- be ready for infomera.net ---------------------------------------- 2002 infomera.net