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Subject :[news] infomera.net : d2b.org Vs jimpunk.com
To : listnews@///////////////.com,
Date : 2002/09/02

infomera.net champions of the WWW present> an online ephemeral match jimpunk.com VS d2b.org jimpunk.com from Indian ocean, a silence character with an empathic power ( knows everything you think ) one bionic eye & ultralaser hand keyboard , with a height of 33 pixels and a weight of 41 pixels will use his invisible man living in a spacecomputer style to keep his samurai parameter title in a fabulous match vs 028 " d2b.org " form France influenced by cracker nfo and record covers will use his invisibility superpower and his 008 years in the pro league in a low style match 3-4 sept european daylight probably night time online http://www.infomera.net/ jimpunk.com VS d2b.org they will destroy . create . transform a massive info manipulation combat unique no-database no-rules found about their challenges at http://www.museotamayo.org/inmerso/infomera/batallas/d2bvsjimpunk.htm collect the player cards > biographical info ( plus ) an exclusive interview www. jimpunk.com http://www.museotamayo.org/inmerso/infomera/playercards/jimpunk.htm www. d2b.org http://www.museotamayo.org/inmerso/infomera/playercards/d2b.htm www.museotamayo.org/infomera cyberlounge