DIY Video Mix

French artist Jimpunk makes anarchic collages out of animated GIFs, exploding pop-up windows, ASCII drawings, and other internet conventions. Most of his projects require some viewer input to set a manic, web-based bricolage in motion, but a recent project, titled ‘Pulp,’ goes a step further, allowing users to make custom mixes of grainy video clips. A menu of cryptically-labeled shots fills the bottom of a browser window, and when a viewer clicks one, a video loop plays in one of six tiled frames that form a mosaic across the top of the window. Some of the clips are abstracted from film and television while featuring stylized interference. Others are just fuzz and static with high-pitched tones ringing underneath. Playing two or three together yields hypnotic patterns of sound and video; opening six at once creates a cacophony. But maybe that’s how this type of participatory art is completed: the viewer finally mixes up a combination of imagery and sound that is so blissfully overestimating, they are forced to either click away or stare at it indefinitely. – Bill Hanley


via rhizome.org

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