observatori 2006

may 5,6 & 7
SURGE at observatori 2006 museo de las ciencias principe felipe, Valencia Spain
rhizome.org & free103point9.org
(Rrose AsCii morse Code)

Surge is an online exhibition of web-based projects selected from an open call for submissions. Surge includes works by artists 31 Down, Abe Linkoln and Marisa Olson, Angel Nevarez and Alex Rivera, NYSAE (New York Society for Acoustic Ecology), Jimpunk, and Leslie Sharpe. The featured projects employ new media tools to both conceptually and formally address different possibilities for transmission art online. Some consider the nature of signals as they move through the ether; others appropriate forms of wireless transmission, such as the military’s aerial ‘drone’ or the programming language AsCii, to propose new kinds of digital communication. Surge is co-presented by free103point9 and Rhizome.”





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