How does TV culture affect new media and the web?

Now the above question can be entertained in Jim Punk’s latest blogspot: http://544×378.free.fr/(WebTV)/index.htm. WebTV is a blog specializing in graphics as opposed to text. The result is a commentary on TV culture as a medium affecting new technologies such as the web. WebTV uses TV language to create a daily journal. Jim Punk’s new blogspot may be an omen of what TV will be like in the future. Today it is possible to choose TV programs at will from cable companies, thanks to digital technology; tomorrow viewers might be able to insert their own material into a TV program, much like punk’s weblog, to be watched in their homes.

You can be invited by Jim Punk to participate. If you are interested, it might be a good idea to drop him a line. You can visit his website: jimpunk.com for more information on his net art projects.
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