El net.art fagocita la pesadilla de los intrusivos pop up

Thursday, March 17th, 2005

El Pais 2005_03_17_elpais_cib_9.pdf

Remember this?

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005

Several years ago I was on a jury for a Networked art show…. While sifting through endless days of net.art sites I came across jimpunk’s “nowar.nogame.org” . How refreshing to sit back, feel out of control and to be driven along by the browser. Somewhere in the midst of the work was a section where […]

A Dual-Media Hybrid

Saturday, January 29th, 2005

A Dual-Media Hybrid – 56kTV – bastard channel – the international online art project curated by xcult.org at the invitation of the Arts Council of Switzerland Pro Helvetia – … – Jimpunk’s furious choreography of sound and image, too, uses the floss of computer culture, setting Google dialogues, spam headers, pop-ups and typograph-ically constructed figures […]

Télévision : 56 k à part

Friday, November 26th, 2004

ART-MEDIAS ET CARNETS DE BÂLE.Viper, le festival de vidéo et nouveaux médias, se tenait le week-end dernier en Suisse. 56k, une chaîne mi-télé, mi-Web avec sa série, son JT, son web-thriller… Par Marie LECHNER vendredi 26 novembre 2004 (Liberation – 06:00) www.56k-bastard.tv … Intrigue transpacifique. Certaines émissions se savourent comme des films. Le web-thriller chaotique […]

AcidMissile. A scatter-zapped action movie

Thursday, November 18th, 2004

Part of a TV station’s repertoire are action movies, and part of a TV consumer’s behaviour is the zapping action. Parisian artist jimpunk’s action movie AcidMissile presents an aesthetics of picture-musicality, a dynamic montage of sound and image, which samples itself through news and entertainment programs’ clichés. From the Comic-Ego to the AsciiCode Warrior to […]


Thursday, June 3rd, 2004

por Nilo Casares Con una anticipación que hace a su título «Diario de un genio» superar la literatura para adentrarse en la verdad, Salvador Dalí bromeaba con el nombre Piet de Mondrian para hacerlo «nyet» (nada, en ruso) por proximidad fonética y apuntar que sus obras serían, en un futuro no muy lejano, obras cibernéticas […]

The Screen of net.art

Tuesday, January 27th, 2004

(Texte seulement en anglais) By Valérie Lamontagne parachute.ca

Amy Alexander writes about Jimpunk and Josh Larios

Saturday, November 15th, 2003

The word “network,” at least in a social sense, seems to have a connotation of closedness. Think of the term “networking” – it refers to making connections with people within a fairly tightly defined circuit. A network can be a “community” – and that’s a Good Thing. But it can also become a clique, sometimes […]


Monday, October 20th, 2003

Jimpunk.com http://www.jimpunk.com Automation The site is mainly characterized by it’s automation. All of the pieces presented to us in a sequence. The piece would automaticaly cycle through its content in the sequence it was designed. At some point it stops at a loop until interaction from the user is invoked. This interaction can either be […]

net art : Gogol Chat

Monday, October 28th, 2002

Il progetto nasce dalla multi-user chat ideata da Christophe Bruno, in cui l’autore immagina che viva Gogol, un personaggio inventato. Gogol si presenta come una voce universale, quasi mitologica, forse una personificazione del web stesso. Subito dopo la sua inaugurazione, la Gogol Chat subisce un’intrusione: gli attacchi dell’infiltrato Jimpunk, che la trasfomrma in Golgot Chat… […]

Frame art

Monday, October 21st, 2002


Crash Course

Friday, October 11th, 2002

jimpunk is known for making net.art that re-sizes browser windows, spawns multiple browser windows, automatically scrolls browser windows, and generally takes Alexei Shulgin’s ‘form art’ to its next, inevitable level. With ‘nowar.nogame,’ jimpunk uses his arsenal of wacky DHTML tricks to mimic the chaos of war. ‘nowar.nogame’ has interactive elements, but whether you click or […]

International Computers *Error* [ Cadavres Exqu!s ], testi poetici ricombinati

Thursday, June 27th, 2002

International Computers *Error* [ Cadavres Exqu!s ] è un generatore di testi poetici in cut up, generati dai contributi anonimi recapitati tramite un’apposita form al net artista francese Jimpunk. Il lavoro di web art letteraria rende possibili 18.452.812.500.000 teoriche combinazioni ed è stato ispirato dal libro di Raymond Queneau ‘ de poèmes’ del 1961, facendo […]

events : Break21 Festival

Tuesday, June 25th, 2002

Si concluderà il 7 luglio la sesta edizione del Festival of Young Emerging Artists che si tiene a Ljubljana, Slovenija. Il tema di quest’anno è Dead or Alive, perciò ogni opera può essere interpretata come una ricerca tesa ad una definizione o ad un’interpretazione della vita e della morte. Il 18 giugno la giornata è […]


Friday, November 2nd, 2001

di Alessandro Ludovico mytech.it/archivio/articolo/idA028001035894.art